My research field is fluid dynamics, with a special interest in passive tracers spreading in laminar fluid flow. My advisors are Dr. Roberto Camassa and Dr. Richard McLaughlin and I am a member of the Joint Applied Mathematics and Marine Sciences Fluids Lab at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Throughout my education both in Italy and at Chapel Hill, I have worked closely with undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and faculty members. Starting from my B.Eng. thesis, my research projects have had analytical, numerical as well as experimental aspects, often developed in a joint effort with other researchers. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with other scholars, and hope to expand my research interests to be more interdisciplinary moving forward.

I am interested in applied fluid dynamics problems, mathematical modeling of physical and social systems, and partial differential equations. 

For more information about my research experience and interests, please download my CV below.



Authors listed in alphabetical order in accordance with the 2009 American Mathematical Society statement on the Culture of Research and Scholarship in Mathematics.  

[5] F. Bernardi.
Space/Time Evolution in the Passive Tracer Problem.
Doctoral dissertation. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. August, 2018.
Online version.

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PDF version (manuscript) - or - open access version (video & manuscript).

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       PDF version - or - Journal version.

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       PDF version - or - Journal version.

[1]   F. Bernardi
      Taylor Dispersion of a Passive Scalar in Channel Flow: Exact Solutions for Distributional Moments at All Times
      Master’s of Engineering Thesis.  Politecnico di Milano - Milano (Italy). July, 2013.
      Online version.