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I am a Dean's Post-Doctoral Scholar in the Department of Mathematics at Florida State University. I am working with Dr. Nick Moore and Dr. Nick Cogan, as well as at the GFD Institute at Florida State University. My research focuses on water filtering and porous media.

I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2018.  My advisors were Dr. Roberto Camassa and Dr. Richard M. McLaughlin.  My dissertation focused on the dispersion of passive tracers in laminar flow in capillary tubes of various geometries.

I am the co-founder of Girls Talk Math: Engaging Girls through Math Media - a free day camp for high school students identifying as female or from an underrepresented gender interested in Mathematics. 

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University of north carolina at chapel hill
august 2018

Ph.D. in Mathematics
Advisors: Dr. Roberto Camassa and Dr. Richard M. McLaughlin.

Thesis: Space/Time Evolution in the Passive Tracer Problem.


may 2018

Graduate Certificate Candidate in Women's and Gender Studies
Certificate Advisor: Dr. Anne Johnston


MAY 2015

M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics
Advisors:  Dr. Roberto Camassa and Dr. Richard M. McLaughlin.  


Politecnico di milano (milan, italy)
july 2013

M.Eng. in Nuclear Engineering
Advisors:  Dr. Francesca Giacobbo, Dr. Roberto Camassa and Dr. Richard M. McLaughlin.  

Thesis:  Taylor Dispersion of a Passive Scalar in Channel Flow: Exact Solutions for Distributional Moments at All Times.


JULY 2009

B.Eng. in Physical Engineering
Advisor:  Dr. Alessandro Torricelli.  

Thesis:  The NIRS Technique as a Brain-Computer Interface.

selected awards

poster competition winner at the 6th annual postdoctoral symposium - florida state university.  september, 2018.

Winner of the poster competition in the Physical Sciences division at the Sixth Annual Postdoctoral Symposium at Florida State University with a poster titled How Boundaries Shape Chemical Deliveries in Microfluidics. [View Abstract.]

university award for the advancement of women.  march, 2018.

Together with Katrina Morgan (fellow PhD candidate at UNC), we have been awarded the 2018 University Award for the Advancement of Women (UAAW) in the Graduate/Professional Students category. Given by the office of Chancellor Folt, the UAAW is in its thirteenth year and was created as a way to recognize individuals for their contributions on behalf of women at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 


Together with Katrina Morgan (fellow PhD candidate at UNC), and with Dr. Katie Newhall as Faculty Advisor, I have been awarded funds through the WATCH US grant from the NSF INCLUDES program. The funding will be used to organize the first Association for Women in Mathematics Triangle Conference tailored to undergraduate and graduate students from underrepresented minorities. 


MAA TENSOR WOMEN AND MATHEMATICS GRANT.  MARCH, 2016. (renewed march, 2017 and march, 2018.)

Received the 2016 Mathematical Association of America Tensor Women and Mathematics Grant, together with Katrina Morgan (PhD Candidate in Mathematics at UNC-Chapel Hill), and with Dr. Hans Christianson (Associate Professor of Mathematics at UNC-Chapel Hill) as Faculty Advisor. The grant funded the summer camp Girls Talk Math geared towards female high school students interested in Mathematics in the Triangle area of North Carolina. 


J. BURTON LINKER AWARD for undergraduate teaching.  MAY, 2017.

The J. Burton Linker Award is given by the Mathematics Department of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to the graduate student who has shown the greatest effectiveness as a teacher of undergraduate mathematics courses. Recipients of the Linker Award also receive a cash award at the Departmental Commencement following each spring semester.