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I strongly believe in education as a path to equality. I am invested in creating educational and professional development opportunities for female identifying individuals and minority students in STEM. It is crucial to strengthen the recruitment and retention efforts towards such underrepresented populations, especially in Mathematics. I proudly volunteer for several causes, have launched new programs, and organized events of my own.

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girls talk math - engaging girls through math media

Girls Talk Math is a two-week-long day camp hosted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The program is available to rising 9th through 12th graders identifying as female or from an underrepresented gender in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina who are interested in exploring challenging math problems that go beyond the high school curriculum. The program is free for all attendees; for the first three years, it has been funded through the Mathematical Association of America Tensor Women and Mathematics grant.

Together with Katrina Morgan (PhD candidate in Mathematics at UNC), we have founded, organized, and ran the camp starting in June 2016. In July 2018 the camp hosted 39 students at UNC and Girls Talk Math UMD, a sister camp at the University of Maryland at College Park, had its first run. 

The goal of Girls Talk Math is to encourage young students to consider careers in the mathematical sciences. The program seeks to accomplish this goal through a two-week day camp during which campers explore challenging mathematical concepts, learn about the rich history of women in mathematics, and create a blog and podcast series.

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Association for Women in Mathematics chapter at unc - chapel Hill
chapter president

The purpose of the AWM Chapter at UNC-Chapel Hill is to foster a sense of community amongst female mathematicians, to encourage girls and women to pursue mathematics, and to promote diversity within the UNC Chapel Hill Mathematics department.

As president, I have started a Mentoring Network pairing undergraduate students mentees with graduate students mentors. I have organized Professional Development panels and workshops for the graduate student members of the chapter. I have initiated the Meet the Speaker series, where members can meet and network with speakers coming to UNC Chapel Hill to give seminar talks. I have organized a Public Lecture inviting Dr. Moon Duchin from Tufts University to talk about the Mathematics of voting and gerrymandering.

The UNC Chapel Hill AWM Chapter is the inaugural winner of the 2017 AWM Student Chapter Award for Community Outreach. We are also organizing the first AWM Triangle Conference for Undergraduate and Graduate Students thanks to funding through the NSF INCLUDES WATCH:US at the University of Nebraska. 

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arts everywhere day at unc

Photo by Kristen Chavez

Designed a dynamic 8 ft x 11 ft wave pendulum to exhibit during the Arts Everywhere Day at UNC on April 7, 2017. The goal of this joint project between the Mathematics and Physics departments was to showcase how art and science meet in everyday life.

Together with Dr. Daniel M. Harris (postdoctoral fellow in Mathematics at the time), we worked to design the wave pendulum and fine-tune it. The structure includes 17 pendula built using women shot-puts. We used a metronome to help coordinate the release of the pendula and iPhone and iPad cameras to examine the video of the wave movement frame-by-frame to make the proper adjustments. The wave pendulum was showcased in front of Phillips Hall (the Mathematics and Physics building) on UNC campus for the Arts Everywhere Day.


global grads - student advisory board


I am a member of the Global Grads Student Advisory Board. The Global Grads initiative provides opportunities and resources to aid academic success and community building among international graduate students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.